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American K-9 Detection Services, Inc. (AMK9)

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American K-9 Detection Services, Inc. (AMK9) provides world-class canine detection, training and security solutions to government agencies, NGO's and private entities domestically and worldwide. Our goal is to always deliver excellence and continually raise the industry standards in safety, quality and results.

ARB 4x4 Accessories


Creative Tent International, Inc

Design and Manufacturer of Engineered Clear Span Portable Structured Tents - Shasta Shelter® FTS Series. Deployable Shelters for Personnel, C-130 Shelters, or full Camp Installations. Certified Engineering - 90 mph winds and high snow loads. Expeditionary or Interim Re-locatable Shelters for Aircraft, Vehicle Maintenance, Storage Warehouse, Field Hospitals, Dining Facilities, Training and Command Posts. Optional Solar Powered Lighting, Full Width Doors and HVAC and much more.

Detect’s HARRIER

DeTect's HARRIER security and surveillance radar system provides full surveillance coverage ground level to altitudes up to 20,000 feet. DeTect’s proprietary radar processing technology developed specifically for detection and tracking of non-cooperative, small, low radar-cross section, non-linearly moving targets make the HARRIER one of the most sensitive, low cost radar security surveillance systems on the market today for locating and monitoring a wide range of targets including aircraft, ultralights, UAVs, helicopters, ships, boats and swimmers. HARRIER systems are available in self-contained mobile units (truck-mounted or tailored) or in mobile or fixed installation radar networks for border and coastline security.

DRS Defense Solutions Neptune


DRS Defense Solutions Sentry with GS410 Camera


EADS North America SPEXER 2000 Security Radar for Border Surveillance


High-performance border surveillance radar for the automatic detection, classification and tracking of ground targets (such as pedestrians, vehicles), sea targets (such as rubber dinghies, boats) and low-flying air targets (such as low-level helicopters, light aircraft, UAV's) up to 40 km - even under extreme climatic conditions.

Developed for the specific requirements of security scenarios with asymmetric threats.

Primary Fields of Application
Border security, critical infrastructure security and perimeter security (e.g. camp protection)

Operational Advantages of Product

  • Surveillance of large areas / long distances
  • Very early warning / high level of situational awareness
  • Detection, tracking and automatic classification of even very small and slowly moving targets such as pedestrians
  • Multi-tasking and dual beam capability: one compact all-in-one SPEXER 2000 can replace several conventional radars
  • Easy integration into C2 system
  • Ready for multi-radar operation and combination with cameras (in network)

Elbit Systems of America

U--Guardium-2 U--Guardium-1

First Class Packaging introduces TOMiCRATE (Total Mobilization Container) as the sole, exclusive worldwide distributor.

TOMiCRATE2 The “TOMiCRATE,” offers the warfighter the ability to quickly and effectively stage, transport, and deliver a wide array of support gear. Whether it’s shelters, ground equipment, electronics, or weapon systems, the TOMiCRATE is designed to optimize quick mobilization for a multitude of payload requirements.

The TomiCRATE was developed for the US Military, but there are many commercial and utility applications as well. The interior measures are 79 ½” x 40 ½” x 32” and they can be stacked 2 high with 20 per 40’ ISU90. TOMiCRATE will also feature 12 tie down points and have removable front and rear door panels. The TOMiCRATE 3D model can be seen at

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman STARLite with the 17in antenna

Northrop Grumman STARLite on PTDS

Northrop Grumman SCORPION II

Obzerv Technologies Inc.


Observ-Spationav1Obzerv designs & manufactures night vision cameras. Embedding our unique active range-gated technology, the multi-sensors ARGC-2400 is designed for ultra long-ranges; up to 25 km. Our cameras can perform through challenging weather conditions, read markings, and see through glass. Applications: border surveillance, waterways, ports, airports, and critical infrastructure protection.

National Solar Technologies RVSS NST Solar Power Source

RVSS-NST-Solar-Power-Source Solar power systems that are installed at multiple sites for DHS to power RVSS Fixed Camera Towers on the US/Mexico border.

Progress Solar Solutions Solar Panels


RapydConnex & ARCINC Mobile Demonstration

ArcIncRapydConnexSM is the ideal solution for mobileedge users unable to get the bandwidth and connectivity they need, providing the ultimate in reliability and affordability. It is built on the ARINC Global Network—an open-architecture network specifically engineered for mobile-edge users and the unique capabilities they require. ARINC is trusted every day to deliver mission-critical communications over our network for Government, Military and Commercial customers—with 99.999% availability and 24×7×365 support. Since we own and operate the network ourselves the result for customers is a more economical delivery and greater cost flexibility. It’s hardware agnostic, so you’ll get the solution you need, within your budget, without being tied to any manufacturers. And, there’s no need to buy costly bandwidth bundles that you’ll never use. Just sign up for what you need, when you need it.

SeaBotix Inc.

LBV300-5-RAN LBC vLBV300

SeaBotix Inc. is the leading manufacturer of MiniROVs. The company's products are continually improved and new technologies developed as evident in the newly introduced vLBV. The SeaBotix LBV has been the benchmark small ROV system with the vLBV set to define the vectored ROV market.

Southwest Solar Lighting


Strategic Solutions Unlimited, Inc

SSU---EPC-panels EPCs provide secure and durable multi-use space in remote, austere and demanding environments that can be easily assembled on site by two people with no skills. When fully assembled, a Single EPC is 7’dx8’wx8’h. Single units can be assembled in multiple EPC configurations; our larger EPC units are over 300sf. The EPCs are delivered with all components to make it mission ready (electrical, HVAC, lights, etc.). EPC exterior and interior surfaces are extremely mission-friendly. Hundreds of our EPCs have been in harsh dessert environments for three years with no degradation in mission support.


VideoBank VideoBank systems enable local and remote users to capture, archive, analyze, edit and distribute digital video and imagery using standard, web-based and touchscreen interfaces. We feature automated metadata capture modules, which collect mIRC Chat, telemetry, and most other data streams and index the information against video timecodes for intelligence processing, exploitation and dissemination. VideoBank’s Timeline and Map analysis tools add geospatial and temporal reference points to live and recorded video, allowing analysts to process data rapidly.